Cancer is scary. But the Canadian Cancer Society is looking to ease some of that fear, and raise some funds in the process, with the Fearless Challenge.

The idea is simple. Canadians can register at Fearless Challenge, name their fear, and set a dollar amount to confront it. In the process, they'll help people living with cancer do the same. The donations help fund cancer research.

The campaign is enjoying celebrity endorsements, too., with names including Jason Priestley, Canadian sports commentator and former NF player Jesse Palmer, Shannon & Sophie Tweed-Simmons, and Hedley bassist and cancer survivor Tommy Mac.

Not only that, but a few celebrities will be participating in the Fearless Challenge. Mike Bradwell, who plays for the Toronto Argonauts, will face his fear of heights by doing the CN tower walk. Actor Natalie Brown, will face her fear of swimming in a cold dark lake. Actor Italia Ricci, will face her fear of giving up control while she sits as a passenger as her boyfriend, Robbie Amell, drives a race car. And actor Jonathan Keltz, will face his fear of spiders.

To participate, here's all you Canadians have to do:

1. Film a short video stating the fear you’d like to overcome and for how much,
2. Register at and ask your friends and family for donations.

Once you’ve hit your fundraising goal, upload a video proving that you’ve faced your fear.

Let's take the fear out of cancer.

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