The storescapes harness the power of Twitter and bring to the street what is being said and uploaded about Canada. This conversation is powered by real people and is happening in real time.
In appearance, the art direction evokes an online cloud. Images and tweets of Canada appear across the vinyl and this is mimicked on the digital part of the screen, which is interactive. The consumer who engages the screen can touch images and read the associated tweet.

A few words from the creative:
“Bringing what’s happening online to the street, the live billboard is a streaming representation of Canada’s endless to-do list of destinations, cultural experiences and vacation packages. The digital storescapes are unexpected to passersby and the amount of content happening about Canada is also intriguing.” – Cosmo Campbell, Creative Director

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has launched interactive murals to inspire Americans to book a Canadian vacation. These murals have taken over the streets of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles this summer - pulling content from Twitter to display real-time updates from and about Canada.

The digital storescapes celebrate the CTC's comprehensive social media strategy, and follow its 2009 Marketer of the Year award from Marketing Magazine.

The Canadian Tourism Commission can be found on the following social channels:
Facebook -
Twitter -

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Agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver Client and Product: Canadian Tourism Commission Title(s) of Ad(s): Canada Now OOH In-market Date: July 2010 Category (ies): OOH Creative Director: Cosmo Campbell and Dean Lee Digital Creative Director: Josh Fehr Creative Technologist: James Chutter Copywriter: Kevin Rathgeber, Cam Warden Art Director: Brandon Thomas, Murray Falconer Account Manager(s): Bryce Sparks, Geoff Wilton Designer: Brandon Thomas, Murray Falconer, Ellie Moon Developer(s): Justin Macleod , InWindow Outdoor Digital Producer: Zerlina Chan Print Producer: Gayle Robson Community Cultivation: Chris Walts