Canal+ Closet / Wardrobe - (2009) 1:12 (France)


Canal+ Closet / Wardrobe - (2009) 1:12 (France)

Canal+ are back. Forget March of the Emperor. This guy has his story down pat. He should be in advertising.

Spot aims to highlight that Canal+ = "Original Creativity", it has original programming, series, documentaries and fictions, created by and for Canal+, scripted by prestigious writers such as Olivier Marchal and Jean- Hugues Anglade. More than simply broadcasting programmes, CANAL+ is a publisher that develops its own creative. Canal+ thus confirms its creative fibre, its capacity to create and to think up fictions of cinematographic quality: “CANAL+ Créateur Original”.

To launch this new campaign, BETC produced a film that enhances CANAL+’s position as leading creator : THE WARDROBE. “Never underestimate the power of a great story”.

Project name
The Wardrobe
Client supervisors
Béatrice Roux, Mathieu Mazuel, Fleur Ajavon
Jean-Christophe Royer
Art director
Eric Astorgue, Julien Schmitt (assistant)
Production company
Soixante Quinze
Matthis Van Heijningen
Jono Griffith
Post-production company
Audio post-production company
KOUZ Production
Photography Director: Joost van Gelder

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