To be a father to your kids is to be very important. But none of these fathers would know that. Because this is one giant piss take on the Dadvertising spot. Canal + isn't enabling great father behavior. On the contrary. It's turning fathers back into stereotypes who can't leave the game behind to watch their kids. I swear, either advertising panders with schmaltzy Dadvertising™ or they revert back to the male stereotype. Still waiting for someone to get it right.

CLIENT CANAL+ CLIENT MANAGEMENT Guillaume Boutin, Audrey Brugère, Elise Lacroix, Estelle Delage Coline André AGENCY BETC AGENCY MANAGEMENT Bertille Toledano, Guillaume Espinet, Elsa Magadoux, Marie Lequime CREATIVE DIRECTOR Eric Astorgue, Jean-Christophe Royer CREATIVE SUPERVISOR Stéphane Xiberras AD ASSISTANT Séverine Flamand STRATEGIC PLANNING Guillaume Martin TRAFFIC Elodie Diana TV PRODUCER Isabelle Menard PRODUCTION COMPANY HENRY Producer : Jean OZANNAT Post-production : DIGITAL DISTRICT SOUND PRODUCTION Schmooze DIRECTOR Martin Werner

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    HA! That was one hilarious rug-pull in the current Dadvertising trend. Excellent.

    Apr 19, 2016

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