Canal+ - March of the Emperor - (2006) :55 (France)


Canal+ - March of the Emperor - (2006) :55 (France)

March of the penguins.. Err emperor.. Why movies are better seen than re-told the next day.

*note this ad is "unsaveable" at the ad agencies request.

Agency supervisors : Rapha"l de Andreis, Nicolas Gandrillon, Agathe Guerrier

Creative Director : Stèphane Xiberras
Copywriters : Pierre Riess, Luc Rouzier
Art directors : Romain Guillon, Eric Astorgue

TV Producer : David Green
Production company : @radicalmèdia
Directors : Glue society
Directeur de la photo : Adam Kimmel
First air date : 25 november 2005 in France



Saved. And a damn fine, funny ad.

A lovely idea. Good storytelling. And a delight. (Psst, payote, how do you save it?)

Brilliant - rated 5.
payote I too wonder how to save this particular vid. All I can do is bookmark this darn page. ;)

OK, so, here's how to do it. I did this on a Mac using the Safari web browser by the way, but this trick should work on most browsers as well as on a PC (though some of the menu names and selections will be different.)

1. Open the webpage with the movie file on it.
2. Navigate to the View menu in Safari and choose View Source - a new window opens showing the HTML source code of the current web page.
3. Now we need to find the URL of the movie file we want to copy - it usually ends with ".mov"
4. Copy the entire URL of the movie file, including the "http://"
5. Go to the Window menu in Safari and choose "Downloads" - the Downloads window will open
6. Paste the URL you copied from the source code
7. As soon as you paste, the movie should begin downloading to your default downloads location
8. Once it's done, you're done.
9. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! (kidding - watch the movie, send it to a friend, put it on your iPod, etc.)

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