Agency 358 brings us a case study for their anti-smoking effort for It's a far cry from the old 1950's-style education.

Advertising Agency: 358 Creative Director: Ale Lauraéus, Erkki Izarra Art Directors: Ville Kovanen, Maria Fridman & Ale Lauraéus Copywriters: Valtteri Väkevä, Jonathan Mander, Antti Tähtinen, Anna Lundqvist, Jenni Kanerva Photographer: Kimmo Syväri Additional credits: Graphic designers: Isa Jokela-Gomez, Pol Solsona Producers: Peggy Petrell, Krista Durchman Film production: Grillifilms Director: Olli Rönkä Porducer: Petteri Lehtinen Case film: Tres Papricas, Tuukka Lappalainen 3D Artist: Ville Rousu, Kristiina Ojala

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