Through a series of match cuts and clever editing techniques a toddler grows up before our very ideas in this spot for Canon. The premise is that your story grows as you grow. And we watch the toddler grow until he's going through a series of fun experiences, with the spotlight always on him, including hanging out with friends, running with horses, playing piano in a train station, diving in a pool and ending up with a neck brace, too. The over head lights really are the best part of this spot because they're what keep it from being something we've all seen before. Not quite sure what it does for the brand as we're capturing our life stories on iPhones now but at least it keeps the name in the spotlight. Sorry.
Before we get comments on the music, the spot is set to producer extraordinaire and walking meme Mikey Mike's new track "'Doin Me." The song is so anthemic, straight down to the singing children that it's like it was written with advertising in mind. So much so that I should probably write a new manifesto to go with it so we can update the Adland Manifesto Generator. Picture thirty-five seconds of verbal bullshit in a pitch film before the song lyrics kick in. And a few handshakes later, hey ho, you've just won adidas Originals or salad dressing. Either one, really.

Brand: Canon
Lead Agency: VCCP
Media: PHD
Music Licensing: Finger Music