Anna Akana took tragedy and turned it into comedy. Her younger sister was bullied to the point where she committed suicide. As a way to deal with pain and hopefully help others in the process, she and the Groundlings worked with other kids who are victims of bullying to speak out and stand up-- literally. She's teaching them to use their experience in stand up routines. Inspiring story as part of Canon's "Rebel With A Cause" series.

Client: Canon Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Dahlqvist Head Of Innovation: Darren Moran Group Creative Director: Anthony DeCarolis ACD/ Copywriter: Natalie Rose ACD/ Art Director: Rodrigo Burdman ACD/ Art Director: Andrew Barrett ACD/ Copywriter: Pieter Melief The Groundlings Writer: Jimmy Fowlie The Groundlings Writer: Ariane Price EVP, Global Account Director: Rick Reilly
SVP, Account Director: Nikki Maizel
VP, Account Director: Kate Kim Account Executive: Abel Flint Strategy Director: Steve House Strategist: Sarika Patel Grey Activation + PR President, Grey Activation & PR: Amy Tunick SVP, PR: Courtney Engel VP, Activation: Nicole Feldman Account Director, Talent, Licensing & Casting: Stacey Gersten Account Director, PR: Ryan Hallett Account Supervisor, Activation: Lindsey Wood Account Supervisor, PR: Ashley Pultz Account Executive, PR: Meaghan Murphy Assistant Account Executive, Activation: Yael Herman Lead Creative Director, Activation + PR: Elizabeth Valleau EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION: Townhouse Townhouse President: Bennett McCarroll Townhouse Director of Integrated Production: James McPherson Townhouse Producer: Lauren Tuttman Townhouse Assistant Producer: Jacob Herman Townhouse Music Producer: Zachary Pollakoff Production Company: Townhouse Studios (New York, NY) Director: Anthony DeCarolis Director of Photography: David Vollrath Editor: Jesus Sepulveda at Townhouse Studios Music/Sound Design: Dante Desole at Townhouse Studios Principal Talent: Anna Akana

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