Awkward in the elevator.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, OR Visual Effects: a52 PROJECT NAME: "Self-Help Yourself" and "Help You Help You" RUNNING TIME: 2 x :60 DATE OF FIRST AIRING: "Self-Help Yourself" 2/3/08, "Help You Help You" 2/4/08 FILM STAGE/LOCATION(S): Various locations in LA AD AGENCY: Wieden+Kennedy CITY/STATE: Portland, OR CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Mark Fitzloff, Monica Taylor ART DIRECTOR: Eric Baldwin COPYWRITERS: Jason Bagley ("Self-Help Yourself"), Michael Illick ("Help You") AGENCY PRODUCER: Jeff Selis PRODUCTION COMPANY: The Directors Bureau CITY/STATE: Los Angeles, CA DIRECTOR: Mike Mills EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Cayce Cole, Melissa Culligan LINE PRODUCER: Youree Henley DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Carl Nilsson TELECINE: Company 3 CITY/STATE: Santa Monica, CA COLORIST: Stefan Sonnenfeld EDITORIAL COMPANY: Rock Paper Scissors CITY/STATE: Santa Monica, CA EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Carol Lynn Weaver EDITOR: Angus Wall ASST. EDITOR: David Brodie VISUAL EFFECTS COMPANY: a52 CITY/STATE: Santa Monica, CA EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Linda Carlson PRODUCER: Megan Meloth ON-SET VFX SUPERVISOR, VFX SUPERVISOR: Patrick Murphy FLAME ARTISTS: Patrick Murphy, Tim Bird MUSIC ("SELF-HELP YOURSELF"): tonefarmer CITY/STATE: New York, NY EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Tiffany Senft CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Ray Loewy COMPOSER: Jared Hunter FINAL MIX: POP Sound CITY/STAGE: Santa Monica, CA

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    Argh! Why didn't they send talent credits on this one, that dude is great! He's hilarious!

    Feb 13, 2008