Carlsberg puts friends to the test / Poker game gone awry stunt


Carlsberg puts friends to the test / Poker game gone awry stunt

"Imagine.. It's the middle of the night. You're sleeping. Your best friend calls for help...."

And so it begins, the stunt set to take over after the Biker cinema stunt, and hoping to spread. In this scenario, a friend is called to a poker game to help their friend get out "Bring 300€ or they won't let me go". The game is played in a seedy part of town, the heroic friend is greeted by beefy guards, then directed to walk past people boxing, hookers fighting, have to share an elevator with a creepy old chinese men eating mystery-food... and finally they reach the room where the game was played.

The only thing I really like about this is the girls reaction at the reveal, you can practically see her thinking a few hundred swearwords as she rolls her eyes. "Merde! Kut! Paljas! Kust m'n kloete!!" She is going to give her mate, and possibly all creators of viral setups like this one, hell. Please do girl, as viral videos have become "the mean candid camera show" these days as they gradually get worse and more dangerous. I wonder how many friends turned back and refused to do it.


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