Carlsberg - What would happen if Carlsberg made chocolate bars? (2016)

What would happen if Carlsberg did chocolate bars? Oh you know it would probably be the best chocolate bar in the world, and on that puntastic thought the creative crew of Fold7 set out to make it happen. The bar has fixed to the wall of the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, and replicates a traditional British pub, but it's an actual chocolate dartboard, there's chocolate bar stools and there's even a chocolate television screen, showcasing one of England’s greatest World Cup moments. The bar opened to the public yesterday, and much tweeting attracted the curious from nearby hoods before the unveiling of what a Carlsberg chocolate bar really meant. The best part? You could get a beer in a chocolate glass. Nearly half a tonne of chocolate was used by food artist Prudence Staite who designed the bar, a job that took nearly three months.

What a way to kick off easter, forget those creme eggs, lets head to the chocolate bar!

Brand: Carlsberg Creative agency: Fold7 Project name: If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars Chief Creative Officer: Ryan Newey Creative director: John Yorke Creative: John Yorke & Rod Elms Account director: Rani Patel Agency producer: Bob Richmond-Watson Media agency: OMD PR Agency: Clifford French Social: The Marketing Store Physical Build: Blackjack Promotions
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