People are becoming more aware of autism, the mysterious condition that affects 1 in 88 children. Carly Fleischmann, a 17 year old who was diagnosed with severe autism at age 2, has made it her life mission to help educate people around the world about the truths and myths of autism since finding her voice at age 10.

In Carly's Voice - Breaking Through Autism, a recent book co-authored with her father Arthur Fleischmann, Carly offers insights and explanations for what the world sees as the unusual behaviour of those living with autism. And now, thanks to Carly's Café (, an interactive web video, people can experience firsthand the autism experience and better understand how even the simplest outing (visiting a coffee shop) can quickly becoming overwhelming for those with autism.

Inspired directly by Carly's writing (on p. 362 of the book), Carly's Café is a unique online experience that allows users to navigate a virtual café, with the same distractions and pressures that Carly would experience.

Carly’s Café was created by john st., directed by OPC’s newest director, Miles Jay, edited by Chris Murphy at Relish, and the interactive experience developed by Heung Lee at Ransom, Profit. Five videos have been programmed to play simultaneously, so that the user can explore five different angles of the café by simply moving their mouse.

Carly is the daughter of Arthur Fleischmann, President & Partner at Toronto-based advertising agency john st.

Director - Miles Jay
Editor - Chris Murphy
DOP - Chris Mably
Colourist - Wade Odlum
VFX Artist - Sean Cochrane
Executive Producer - Harland Weiss
Executive Producer - Donovan Boden
Line Producer - Dennis Beier
Audio Director - Stephanie Pigott
Phantom Tech - Brent J. Craig
Composer - Rob Simonsen
Casting - Michael Stephenson
Logo Design - Jan Avendano
Creative Directors - Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
Creative Team - Kelly Uman, Marie Richer
Producer - Ryan O'Hagan
Technologist - Marc Cattapan


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