Successful business stories aren't only written in ink, but over a glass of wine. Casa Mariol took this to a fun place, by making a pen that writes with wine instead of ink. And then sent to potential business partners. Fun idea. But it sounds like a dreadful waste of good wine to me.

Advertising Agency: Interactive Solutions, Warsaw, Poland Agency website: Advertising Agency: Interactive Solutions Creative Director: Piotr Chrobot Copywriter: Marta Frączek Art Director: Wojtek Kowalik, Designer / Editor: Paweł Jaskólski Account Manager: Katarzyna Borkowicz Producer: Barbara Kowalska Photography: AH1N1 Mikołaj Górecki, Ryszard Szozda, Grandessa Przemek Chudkiewicz, Marc Serra, Adam Mazerall Music: Tomasz Kuczma TJFK Additional credits: Michał Pawłowski, Studio Rytmika Published: January 2013

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