Cash4Gold - McHammer & Ed McMahon - (2009) :30 (USA)


Cash4Gold - McHammer & Ed McMahon - (2009) :30 (USA)

Third Quarter.
Another 60-second ad for Cash4Gold will appear during the pre-game show on NBC.

ad agency: Havas' Euro RSCG Edge
Directed by director Bryan Buckley, the man who brought you the early GoDaddy commercials.



Ok. I wish they had done something a bit more outrageous using these to guys. I still think McMahon should have been rapping (although perhaps that infringes on the spots for stuff).

It's not that bad in idea, really, they out-do each other in ludicrous gold items. It's just a cheap looking spot and lacks that extra ooomph and irreverance to actually make it funny. Its predictable.

A fool and their gold are soon parted.

The best part is Ed's "Goodbye, old friend" to his golden toilet! :-)

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