Castle Face Records "I'll Be Your Mirror" (2013) 2:36 (U.S.A.)

So... Universal Records reached out to Castle Face Records to get the label's artists to record Velvet Underground covers.

Peeps from a bunch of bands formed a super group of sorts called Here Comes the Here Comes. Most notably Mark Tester from Burnt Ones Adam Finken from Blasted Canyons Brigid Dawson from Thee Oh Sees, and director Brian Lee Hughes' thirteen-year old daughter Cisca.

As someone who is a Velvet Underground über-fan ( Quine Tapes, anyone?) I applaud this. Most kids today prolly don't know their history and reinterpretations (or even faithful covers) might be a nice primer. Although honestly, I can't imagine anyone doing "Heroin" other than Lou Reed or matching the sinister viola of "Venus in Furs" like John Cale.

On another level however, I think the idea of a somewhat atonal thirteen-year old replacing the gothic Germanic decadence of Nico works better on paper. And I'm not sure I'm down with horse heads and animal masks as it seems too disconnected from the song. It doesn't seem a juxtaposition so much as randomness. Maybe tapping into the innocent sounding music led to that?

Either way, now I want to hear the other covers to see.

In the meantime, we here at Adland are trying to track down Lou Reed for an appropriately aloof and testy comment. Until we get ahold of him, I imagine it would be along the lines of: "Well they certainly didn't ask me if I was okay with it, and I never would have given permission, but since they don't come anywhere near to what I accomplished, it's whatever."

Director: Brian Lee Hughes DP: Frederik Jacobi Producer in Denmark: Ada Bligaard Producer in London: Tom Knight (Rokkit) Production Companies: Skunk, Stink, Rokkit Editor: Sam Ostrove (Cut & Run, London) Editorial Producer: Kirsty Oldfield (Cut & Run) Colorist: Martin Sansom (Four Walls) Colorist Producer: Toby Abbott (Four Walls) Video Performers: Cisca Gia Hughes Øvlisen, Nadia Grillesen, Louise Clemmensen, VIctoria Holm Hansen, Victoria Szigethy, Mathilde Hillebrand
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