Lil bub, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Captain Pancakes and Princess Monster Truck and other internet celebrity cats star in this Greenpeace video that wants to draw attention to Cats save tigers. If this sounds familiar to you, it's because it is, previously we had a Swedish cat food brand save the tigers, and global cat food brand Whiskas did it too but in the UK.

Thea Hamrén, a Swedish ACD at Mr President in the UK brought the idea to Greenpeace and the rest as they say, is badland history. The idea of using the internet celebrity cats is to encourage you, dear reader to create your own meme at Cats Save Tigers, and through that spread the word. Watch the clip below below for LOLcat goodness and ironic use of comic sans.

We've badlanded this in Harnessing cats to save tigers: times three.

Client: Greenpeace Ad agency: Mr. President
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