The Cavalry - "One day" / Morning glory remedy - (2008) :30 Australia


The Cavalry - "One day" / Morning glory remedy - (2008) :30 Australia

This viral/web self-promo ad from The Cavalry, Melbourne, shows what really goes on in some agencies, or so they say. At the very least it«s a peak* into a mans bedroom in the morning glory hour.
* That was not an intentional misspelling. Must've been a freudian typo.

Tony Greenwood, Creative Director & Art Director & Copywriter
Ron Mather, Creative Director
Richard Hamer, Agency Producer
Director(s) : Tony Greenwood & Richard Hamer
DoP: Trish Keating



Hands up who would forward this to anyone, anywhere? Apart from being unfunny, I'm not sure what the message is - is it that they only employ immature underachivers?

Hands up? Wait, where have those hands been!?
I wouldn't forward it and I'll happily admit that I totally don't get it.

I'm sure someone will enlighten us.

Wait, I'm supposed to forward this? I wouldn't even watch the whole thing twice myself...

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