In an updated variant of "reach out and touch someone", CBB Mobil asks people to tell them about a special friend, teacher or mentor that have affected them in life. Then they surprise the interviewees with the phone number of their friend, and a mobile phone. Hearing an old friends voice again brings on some genuine reactions, from happy smiles to sentimental tears. In Denmark this campaign also runs as several 30's which works a little better than this two minute edit. It's worth reminding people today, with facebook statuses taking over and snarky tweets being our main means of communication, how much hearing a friends voice still means to us. "Reach out and touch someone" was a brilliant insight, and still is today when people just read words on the screen rather than speak on the phone. Go on, call a friend.

Client: CBB Mobile Creatives: Rune Petersen & Johan Køhler Agency: & Co. Production company : & Co. Production Director: Andreas Koefoed Producer: Anne-Mette Lund Music: Airglow (Prior/Gergh) Minds & Music MAM001 Speaker: Marie Høst