"Centerpartiet" is as the name alludes the center party n Sweden's political landscape. They align with the conservatives, and just like them promise more jobs, but in a far more sarcastic fashion. Here we see how a newborns mother explains her plans for her child: "I was thinking he could go to nightschool". A girl in first grade explains "when I grow up, I'm going to be uninsured", a young boy at soccer practice gets asked if wants to go pro: "No, I'm going to go on the dole, like Daddy".
A tutor asks her student: What are your plans after school, and the student responds, "I'd really like to jump from internship to internship....." Students in their traditional hats party, yelling "one more month, then we'll be in temporary job measures!

The serious voice at the end is party leader Maud Olofsson asking "Should we go back to living on government grants, or should we create real jobs? It's up to you in this election."


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