Centrum "These guys still got game" (2014) 3:40 (USA)


Centrum "These guys still got game" (2014) 3:40 (USA)

Leo Chicago and Centrum show that even old dudes can play basketball so long as they take their Old Dude Vitamins. It's less Replay and more PlayLike You Used To.
Fun spot, but I'd love to know what kind of shape they were in that night:

"Martha! Can you bring me my epsom salts? And my aspirins. And my Tucks medicated pads. And my foot bath."

Client: Centrum
Agency: Leo Burnett
CCO: Susan Credle
ECD: Jeanie Caggiano
CD: Amanda Butts, Nuno Ferreira
ACD: Dave Derrick, Stephanie Simpson
Creatives: Roberto Blanco, Javier Valle, Lauren Wetula
Digital Strategist: Ian Beacraft
Executive Producer: Juan Woodbury
Producer: Mark Phan
Production: Greenpoint Pictures
Directors: Michael Kuhn, Niles Roth
DP: Nate Corbin
Executive Producer: Tatiana Rudzinski
Producer: J.P. Bouchard
VFX: Utopic
Editing House: Utopic
Editor: Tim Kloehn
Music: Jira Productions
Composer: Dejion Madison


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