Ever suffer from "Not Comfortable At All"? Clarity is here to help.

The branded content piece follows a chair's journey from a small town to the big city in hopes of saving its ailing mother. Director Nickolas Duarte wrote the live-action spot with his co-writer Drew Grubich to portray through a creative and visual story the brand's core elements and product's key features.

Rather than label and list the chair's assets, the story follows the chair as it crafts its design from an artist, strength from a fighter, and comfort from a nurturer to provide the right support back home...and to all those suffering from "not comfortable at all."

Director/Co-Writer: Nickolas Duarte
Production Company: Crown Chimp Productions
Voice Over: Jason Huggins
Talent: Ma: Lawannah Curry; The Artist: Christopher Koval; The Fighter: Fred Lux; The Nurturer: To-Ree-Nee Wolf; Dr. Mister Doctorson: Jay Kyle Petersen; Nurse: Antonella Cassia; Massage Couple: Lauren Nichols, Drew Grubich
Producer: Margoth Barrera
Director of Photography: Oscar Rivera
Editor: Matthew King
Co-Writer: Drew Grubich
Music: Adgio Hutchings
1st AC: Charity Bidegain
Production Design: Jessica Van Ravenswaay
Make Up: Sonia Campbell
Colorist: Luke Padgett
Storyboard Artist: Ridge Young
Production Design Asst: Gianni Scarpino
Production Assistant: Keith Wagner
Special Thanks: Chezale Rodriguez, David Horn, Mike Marsh, Monica Coulter, Cliff Lowpriest, John Sears, Grace Baumgartner, Adam Ray, Love Smack Studios, The Adobe Guest House, A Day 'N Nite Salon & Spa, Rise Combat Sports


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