Chanel - Egoiste Balcony - (1991) 0:50 (UK)


Chanel - Egoiste Balcony - (1991) 0:50 (UK)

I love this ad. Aired worldwide.

Directed by: Jean-Paul Goude

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All time classic! Directed by Martin Scorsese...

No it wasn't. This ad was directed by Jean-Paul Goude who was huge at the time in commercial directing. See also an article in the NYT for more. :)

Mea Culpa! I got it mixed up. Thanks for the article. So far, so Goude!

Here's a little Scorsese in the archives. ;)

Great! I still watch "The Key to Reserva" once a week...

This ad is fantastic no matter who directed but thanks for the extra info both of you.

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