Cheerios - v8 - Moon rocket kit (1958) :60 (USA)


Cheerios - v8 - Moon rocket kit (1958) :60 (USA)

Collect cheerios and v8 labels and get this fab moon rocket kit. Wait, cheerios and v8?? It seems that leave it to beaver likes it. Note the spelling of V-8.

"both a toy and an exiting game!" Oh boy!


V8 & Cheerios

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The kids are thrilled that they scored ... No points!

do they still make frosty-o's?

OMG!! That is awesome!! What a delicious combonation, Cheerios and V8, MMmmmmmmmm... The only thing that would have made this better is if the kid wuld have poured the V8 over the Cheerios!!

An interesting slice of history that only serves to remind me how accurate the '50s ad spoofs on the "Ren & Stimpy Show" were. "It's Log... It's Log..."

Gee, thanks for mentioning Ren and Stimpy's "Log". Now you've started the Slinky jingle running through my head, and it'll take days to get it out.

Does anyone know who directed this ad?  And if it was successful?Thanks 

Since I've never seen people eat cheerios and drink v8 at the same time, I think we can assume it was limited in its success. ;) Director: unknown.

I ate Cheerios with apple juice, instead of milk, when I was a kid, but that had to do with a Kellogg's Corn Flakes commercial running at the time.

I love this ad, it's fantastic.

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