The word "Chevrolet" can instantly conjure images of beastly trucks slamming through the mud, high-powered sports cars speeding into the horizon, or titanic SUVs carting the family around town. But after a series of mini promos documenting the automobile legend's massive support of eco-initiatives across the country, Chevrolet may be redefined with one word: green.

The six-part series features on-the-scenes insight from the communities benefiting from Chevrolet's commitment. yU&co took the lead on the direction and production of the opening portion of the promos, which begin with physicist and futurist Dr. Michio Kaku explaining the importance of reducing carbon dioxide levels by 8 million metric tons over the next few years. East Pleasant Director Damien Drake directed the pieces' central, documentary-driven interviews and epic scene shots that follow. Pleasant Post's Lindsey Houston then edited the pieces together, while colleagues Tristan Kneschke and Matt Rosenblum handled color correct.

"We were all really excited about SS+K's concept, and drawn to the message that sustainable energy solutions exist," noted Damien. "Knowledge is power, and with a project like this, our hope is that we can inspire people to create work with the mission to better our environment."

Crow Wind journeys to the 108 giant turbines at the Crow Lake Wind Project in South Dakota, profiling the utilities and citizens who have joined forces to create a clean energy source that provides local jobs and tax income. Greenhouse explores the massive, 70-million plant greenhouse wedged seamlessly into its pastoral North Carolina landscape with the help of its clean-burning biofuel power system. Maine Housing documents the process of weatherproofing one hard-up family's home to protect them against that state's fierce winters. Many of the spots feature Pleasant Post-designed moving graphics illustrating how energy flows in and out of buildings.

"This project gave us a chance to excel at what we do best - capturing heart-felt performances from real people and telling great stories," stated East Pleasant EP Sarah Roebuck. "Projects that are both high-impact and multifaceted are ideal, as they're exactly what we designed East Pleasant and Pleasant Post to be able handle. Our entire team did a great job bringing everything together."

In addition to the three spots that Chevrolet has already released, three more will hit the Web soon, featuring green targets in Virginia, Colorado and Minnesota.

Client: GM/Chevrolet Spot Title(s): Maine Housing - ME (featured), Crow Wind - SD (featured), Greenhouse - NC (featured), Landfill/Hospital - VA, Colorado, Pipeline - MN Agency: SS+K CD: Kash Sree AD: Mike Yang Copy: Chris Plehal EP: Kelly Fagen Producer: Craig Von Wiederhold, Ernie Klein Director of Business Affairs: Jennifer Bilyk Prod Co: yU&co Prod Co: East Pleasant Pictures Director/DP: Damien Drake EP: Sarah Roebuck Producer: Natalie Rose Coordinator: Caroline Walker Editorial Co: Pleasant Post Editor: Lindsey Houston Asst Editor: Jonathan Vitagliano EP: Sarah Roebuck Producer: Natalie Rose, Katie Montgomery Post/Effects Co: yU+co. Creative Director(s)s: Synderela Peng, Eric Anderson EP: Carol Wong Producer: Ryan Wilk Telecine Co: Pleasant Post Colorist(s): Tristan Kneschke, Matt Rosenblum EP: Sarah Roebuck Producer: Natalie Rose Audio Post Co: Phantom Audio Mixer: Conrad Sanguineti EP: Mary Ruth Tomasiewicz Music Co: Getty/Pump Audio, 5Alarm Music, APM Music

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