Chevrolet - Maine Housing - (2012) :40 (US)


Chevrolet - Maine Housing - (2012) :40 (US)

"This project gave us a chance to excel at what we do best - capturing heart-felt performances from real people and telling great stories," stated East Pleasant EP Sarah Roebuck. "Projects that are both high-impact and multifaceted are ideal, as they're exactly what we designed East Pleasant and Pleasant Post to be able handle. Our entire team did a great job bringing everything together."

Client: GM/Chevrolet
Spot Title(s): Maine Housing - ME (featured), Crow Wind - SD (featured), Greenhouse - NC (featured), Landfill/Hospital - VA, Colorado, Pipeline - MN

Agency: SS+K
CD: Kash Sree
AD: Mike Yang
Copy: Chris Plehal
EP: Kelly Fagen
Producer: Craig Von Wiederhold, Ernie Klein
Director of Business Affairs: Jennifer Bilyk

Prod Co: yU&co

Prod Co: East Pleasant Pictures
Director/DP: Damien Drake
EP: Sarah Roebuck
Producer: Natalie Rose
Coordinator: Caroline Walker

Editorial Co: Pleasant Post
Editor: Lindsey Houston
Asst Editor: Jonathan Vitagliano
EP: Sarah Roebuck
Producer: Natalie Rose, Katie Montgomery

Post/Effects Co: yU+co.
Creative Director(s)s: Synderela Peng, Eric Anderson
EP: Carol Wong
Producer: Ryan Wilk

Telecine Co: Pleasant Post
Colorist(s): Tristan Kneschke, Matt Rosenblum
EP: Sarah Roebuck
Producer: Natalie Rose

Audio Post Co: Phantom Audio
Mixer: Conrad Sanguineti
EP: Mary Ruth Tomasiewicz

Music Co: Getty/Pump Audio, 5Alarm Music, APM Music


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