Chevrolet & Paramount Pictures - Al's Chevy Dealership - (2011)


Chevrolet & Paramount Pictures - Al's Chevy Dealership - (2011)

Starring Bumblebee as himself and Dea Vise as Al's wife, there's unsuspected trouble at this local dealer's commercial shoot as the car turns out to be a transformer! Egad! Run for you lives!

Chevrolet & Paramount Pictures present "Al's Chevy Dealership"

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners - San Francisco
Agency Producer: Stacey Higgins
Art Director: Sean Farrell
Copywriter: Colin Nielsen
Account Director: John Webster

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks - Los Angeles
Director: Tim Godsall
Sr. Exec. Producer: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Holly Vegas
Producer: Rick Jarjoura
Prod. Supervisor: Mercedes Allen
1st A.D.: Anthony Dimino

Visual FX: Industrial Light & Magic - San Francisco

Casting by Ross Lacy - Los Angeles



Transformers? Really? Haven't we seen this in car ads before?

You might be thinking of that Nike ad that transformed from a sneaker to a robot, and Michaels VW that transformed, but neither one of those were done in co-operation with Paramount Pictures and the movie Transformers now, were they?

Bwahaaaa! I think Elliot Berk who plays Big Al is actually a star, but thanks, Db. :) I LOVED this shoot and seeing Bumblebee in person rocked!! - Dea Vise

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