Post-Game spot. As always, here’s some fantastically adorable character design from Psyop. “Joy” for Chevy, via McCann, is airing during Sunday’s Super Bowl. “Everyone remember to go pee-pee.” Love.

Chevy “Joy” Creative Agency: McCann New York/Detroit Chief Creative Officer: Linus Karlsson Executive Creative Director: Andreas Dahlqvist Executive Creative Director: Sean Bryan Executive Creative Director: Tom Murphy Executive Creative Director: Matt Canzano Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Mat Bisher Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Jason Schmall Chief Production Officer: Brian DiLorenzo Executive Producer: Stacey Gizinski Director: Psyop Production Company: Psyop/Smuggler Psyop Creative Directors: Laurent Ledru and Dan Vislocky Executive Producer (Psyop): Neysa Horsburgh Producer (Psyop): Mary Nockles Live Action Producer: Michael Schlenker Associate Producer: Kevin Miller Executive Producer/Partner (Smuggler): Patrick Milling Smith Executive Producer/Partner (Smuggler): Brian Carmody Executive Producer/COO (Smuggler): Lisa Rich Executive Producer(Smuggler): Allison Kunzman Executive Producer/Head of Production (Smuggler): Laura Thoel VFX Supervisor: Kim Stevenson Designers: Andrew Park, Lilit Hayrapetyan, Marc Gabbana, Morgan Schweitzer Storyboard Artists: Hugh Keenan, Philippe Collot Editor: Brett Nicoletti Matte Painter: Andrew Park Lead Technical Director: Dan Vislocky Lead Flame: Kim Stevenson Flame: Gavin Camp Compositors: Fred Kim, Ryan Raith Modelers: Brianne Meyer, Rie Ito, Wendy Klein Riggers: Alon Gibli, Sean Kealey Animators: Abel Salazar, Chris Meek, Matt Ornstein, Minor Gaytan, Ryan Moran, Sam Ortiz, Sashdy Arvelo, Yvain Gnabro Texture: Wendy Klein Lighter: Barry Kriegshauser, Robby Branham, Yuichiro Yamashita, Tracker: Mark Lipsmeyer GFX: Mathew Rotman Script: Gabriel Lichstein, Jennie Chamberlain 3D Lead: David Chontos Sound Design: Henryboy Sound Designer: Bill Chelsey Character Voices: Hank Azaria Music: “Bang Bang Rock and Roll,” Art Brut

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    Feb 03, 2012

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