Elastic Director Angus Wall shakes off the doldrums of winter with a vibrant, pastel-hued spot for the 2013 Chevy Volt. Working via Commonwealth, Wall guides five colorful ladies and their matching Chevy Volts through the streets of Paris for a day of shopping and adventure. On the way, the five Volts spin and swerve in a gorgeous ballet, courtesy of the VFX and editorial pros at Elastic sister companies Rock Paper Scissors and a52.

Client: Chevy
Spot Title: “Spark”
Air Date: May 2013

Agency: Commonwealth
Chief Creative Officer: Linus Karlsson
Vice Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Dahlqvist
Executive Creative Director: Matt Canzano
Chief Production Officer: Brian DiLorenzo
Director of Content: Jeff Beverly
Senior Producer: Kelly Balagna
SVP, Executive Music Producer: Peter Gannon
Talent Manager: Stacy Swann

Production Company: Elastic
Director: Angus Wall
DP: Sal Totino
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall, Megan Meloth
Line Producer: Jason Sterman, Melinda Nugent
Production Designer: Julian Laverdiere
Wardrobe Sylist: Alix Friedberg
Casting: House Casting

Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Jamie Foord
Assistant Editor: Chancler Haynes
Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver
Producer: Juliet Batter

VFX: a52
VFX Supervisor: Andy McKenna
CG Supervisor: Kirk Shintani
2D VFX Artists: Andy McKenna, Andy Barrios, Cameron Coombs
3D Artists: Kirk Shintani, Andy Lewis, Ian Ruhfass, Cody Woodard, Frantz Vidal, Erin Clark, Adam Carter, Chris Janney, Joe Chiechi
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall, Megan Meloth
Producer: Scott Boyahan

Music Title: “Cha Cha Cha”
Artist: Jimmy Luxury
Music Writers: James D’Angelo, Leo Johns, Jimmy Kelleher, Marc Lanjean, Henri Salvador, Marcel Stellman

Audio Studio: Lime
Mixer: Loren Silber
Producer: Jessica Locke