Remember in the 80's when people had answering machnines messages playing "nobody is home... nobody's hooooooome" to the tune of Beethoven? This is a bit like that, except about chicken.

dummy.  Harold Einstein director Eric Liney executive producer Jonathan Freeman director of photography Patrick Lumb production designer Arcade  Dave Anderson editor Laurel Smoliar asst editor Gavin Carroll senior producer CO3 Tim Masick senior color artist Rochelle Brown senior producer Ntropic Nathan Robinson ECD / Founder Steve Zourntos lead flame artist Matt Tremaglio flame artist Emily Avoujageli senior producer Yvonne Pon  assistants Gillen Burch assistants One Union Joaby Deal senior engineer Lauren Mask producer Erich & Kallman Eric Kallman creative director/co-founder Steve Erich managing director/co-founder Kate Higgins head of accounts Laura Ferguson executive producer Butter Music + Sound Andrew Sherman artist Max Schad artist Ryan Faucett senior producer

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