Remember when it was enough to promise that you might run into Ronald McDonald or the King at a fast food joint, and that a happy meal was available to get the kids nagging their way there? Gosh you're old. No more, these days Chipotle has to go a lot further than that. They've released the app , where your kids can join the quest for wholesome, sustainable food, and once they've worked up an appetite from that, nag their way to Chipotle. Oooh, well done. The game is available for free at the app store, and promises factory-labyrinths while avoiding robotic crows.

It's not an anti-meat ad, despite some people interpreting it that way. It's anti junk food ads. Is Chipotle non-GMO? Sadly not yet, but they're aiming to be all non GMO food soon, if your plate has anything corn or soy it's got GMO.

Fiona Apples cover of the song "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory adds a layer of brilliance to it all. Well done, you've followed up on back to the start quite well. I'm sure some of the more coveted ad awards will soon sit next to Moonbot Studios Oscar.

Agency: CAA Marketing Animation: Moonbot Studios Music : Fiona Apple - Pure Imagination Music Supervision: duotone audio group
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