Slap, "Roger", slap, legs uncrossing, slap, "Roger!"... Oh wait hang on, what's really going on here? Oh, right, women who don't get laid eat bon bons instead. Research must indicate this since so many candies and chocolates are sold with suggestive ads.

The Colony’s post production VFX studio and sister company Afterparty recently teamed up with creative advertising agency Droga5 on a comically seductive Australian TV spot for Kraft Foods product Pascall Chocs Mallow Bites. Directed by comedy director Paul Goldman, the spot for the Adults Only “Mmm”-rated chocolate covered marshmallows showcases the appetizing treats in a provocative concept.

This TV spot in particular was unique in that it relied on misleading the audience for comic effect. The key idea was that the audience would momentarily think these spots were close-ups of writhing bodies during an intimate encounter, only to discover that they were in fact marshmallows covered in Cadbury chocolate.

To ensure the success of the comedic storytelling in an almost completely CG animated commercial, Goldman shot the entire spot using live action bodies prior to the animated marshmallow recreation. Afterparty used motion capture technologies to translate this action to the animated marshmallow that Goldman envisioned for the spot.

“Research and development for this spot involved comparing skin textures and marshmallow surfaces to find the right medium,” says Nick Crist, Visual Effects Supervisor at Afterparty. “The movement of the actual marshmallow production line was analyzed and recreated, choosing interesting angles that could suggestively pass for intimate glimpses.”

The TV spot is currently airing in Australia as part of a series of spots for Pascall marshmallow products targeting women in their 30s and 40s.

Client: Kraft Foods, Australia Agency: Droga5, Sydney Agency Producer: Katrina Maw Creative Director: Steve Jackson Art Director: Marcus Johnston Director: Paul Goldman and The Colony Producer: Susan Walker VFX: Afterparty, New York VFX Supervisor: Nick Crist Post Producer: Jenya James Color Correct: Afterparty, New York

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    what is the song playing in this ad?

    Jul 24, 2012

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