On Tuesday, August 1st 1944, at 5 pm,The Polish Resistance fought back against the Nazis, in what would later become known as the the Warsaw Uprising. It what became the largest military resistance action in Nazi-occupied Europe, the uprising was only supposed ot last a few days. Instead it lasted into October.

For the past 70 years, people of Warsaw and other Polish cities commemorate that momentous occasion though W Hour-- an observance of silence for a full sixty seconds.

Enemy Front, created by CI Games, is a video game whose action is set in Poland during the Uprising. As a tribute to those resistance leaders, Enemy Front will also stop for sixty seconds. In order for people around the world to learn more, the game will point people to a site called It Wasn't A Game. Here they can learn more about the actual events, and participate socially by changing their avatars to one of the resistance members.

Nice, simple idea that will hopefully teach some people about this momentous occasion.

Client: CI Games Agency: McCANN Worldgroup Poland

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