The Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC) has a great video explaining to the squares what creative types actually do. Hardly the black turtleneck, beareded cool-glasses wearing type. In fact creative types are great fits in other industries.

The CIIC supports creative businesses in Australia by providing free business advisory services nationally. It is part of Enterprise Connect, an Australian Government program that supports eligible small and medium-sized businesses to help them reach their full potential. Very cool. They should show this to the Australian equivalent to high school guidance counselors, too. I know when I told mine I wanted to be in the creative industry, she suggested I "find something more applicable and appropriate."

Client: Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC) | Production Company: The Explainers | Senior Account Manager: Emily Simmons Producer: Katies Yeates Creative Director: Paul Ducco Copywriter: Nick Richardson Art Director: Gillian O'Connor Animators: Gillian O'Connor, Darryn Rogers Sound Design: Scott Collins @ Noiselab

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