Cillit Bang gets all 80's montage on us, complete with a cover of Michael Sambello's "Maniac" from the movie Flashdance.
After being handed the sponge and Cillit Bang a grease monkey cranks up the tunes and literally cleans the entire garage from top to bottom in one massive choreographed dance routine. That is, until the foreman walks in with his morning coffee! Whomp whomp.

Client: Cillit Bang CLIENT - Reckitt Benckiser, Marco Monti CLIENT MANAGEMENT - Pieter Sercu, Christopher Carey Agency: BETC AGENCY MANAGEMENT - Dominique Verot, Charlotte Picq, Camille Rieu, Marie-Alice Poisson CREATIVE DIRECTORS - Stephane Xiberras, Jacques Jolly ART DIRECTOR - Alexandre Saad, Marie Baillot ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR - Clement Hedouin COPYWRITER - Guillaume Rebbot STRATEGIC PLANNING - Marianne Hurstel TV PRODUCER - David Green, Emilie Cointot PRODUCTION HOUSE - Partizan SOUND PRODUCTION - Gum DIRECTOR - Michael Gracey