Celebrating 36 years of partnership with the Cannes Film Festival, Air France is offering its customers the opportunity to watch or finish watching their film, from the"Cannes Film Festival" selection, after their flight on a tablet, smartphone or PC with a gift code offered by Air France. Having been unable to finish a film due to that pesky arriving on time thing Air France does, I know the unfinished-film frustration a little too well, so I think this is a great idea! Now, to announce the idea, Air France had cabin personnel walk into Hollywood scenes and explain how it works - while demonstrating how frustrating it is to get a film interrupted by "we're landing now". Cute.

AD AGENCY: BETC CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER: RémiBabinet CREATIVE DIRECTORS : Ivan Beczkowski & Jasmine Loignon COPYWRITER : Guillaume Rebbot ART DIRECTOR : Jonathan Baudet-Botella DIRECTOR : Tristan Aurouet PRODUCTION COMPAGN Y: RITA Producers : Michel Teicher, Camila Mendez Production director: Jean Davi MUSIC Music - presentation - scene with the hostess: Title : EverythingIs Peace Composer : Pierre Aviat [Sacem] Editor: GUMCollections [Sacem] Music - Romantic - scene : Title : Next Aftermath Part 2 Composer : NicolasSoulat [Sacem] Editor : GUM Collections [Sacem] Music - action -scene: Title : Shortcut Theory Composer : Jérôme Frideling [Sacem] Editor : GUM Collections [Sacem] SOUND PRODUCTION COMPAGNY: GREEN UNITED MUSIC MEDIA PLAN - FRANCE, USA