When you're producing movies there are two themes you dream to work with: Fast cars and massive explosions. CinemaxX wanted everything.

Introducing a new sound system by Meyer Sound to their 30 movie theaters, CinemaxX commissioned the specialists from Schönheitsfarm, Acrobat and White Horse Music to create a spot all the way from concept to execution that makes full use of the new "MAXXIMUM SOUND" experience.

To visualize the crystal clear and highly differentiated sound we turned to a technique very popular in film making and translated it into the acoustic world:

Creating high speed shots to experience high speed sound. Through the use of slow motion we were able to break down complex noises into the various parts they are composed of. Take rain for example: What appears to us as just white noise is actually the sum of thousands of raindrops hitting a multitude of objects and surfaces.
Producing this spot for movie theaters and their audience we knew we wanted to wrap this concept in a breathtaking cinematic package. We developed a story about an exchange: Two rival parties, fast cars, weapons and a suitcase. The stuff blockbusters are made of.

This story and it's elements provided us with loads of possibilities to translate our idea of high speed sound into an exciting synaesthetic experience for the viewers eyes and above all thi ears: cinema like you've never heard it before!

CinemaxX project manager. Alper Iseri, Marcel Brieske Acrobat Werbeagentur Plus consultance. Kai Kramer, Guido Behrenswerth Schönheitsfarm producer. Jessica Müller concept & idea. Alexander Breker, Mark Wickenkamp creative direction. Alexander Breker art direction. Mark Wickenkamp storyboard. Jörn Peper direction. Alexander Breker dop. Eike Rieche highspeed motioncontrol. Christian Fritz special effects. Ulf Mülder editing. Torsten Eichten, Alexander Breker 3D. Jan Elsner, Manuel Bamberger grading. Eike Rieche online & compositing. Lynn Hartmann, Jona Maluck, Philipp Kehl White Horse Music music & FX sound. White Horse Music composer. S. Schwalbe, K. Feegel, S. Patuta