Cingular - 867-5309 (2003) 0:30 (USA)


Cingular - 867-5309 (2003) 0:30 (USA)



I. Cingular Commercial
A. Good Points
1. Funny
2. It has eratic dancing
B. Bad Points
1. The Tommy Tutone Music
2. Litiarization of a line of the song

3 out of 5

Someone (Bless the Intarweb man) has actually called Jenny.... Everywher. Jenny, Are You There?. Lots of gals (and at least one guy) named Jenny actually answered....

Actually, I am Anti-Tutone.
(It's also very easy to patch the roms in some phones so it is undialable. Same can be done to modems.)

Some clarifacations:
I meant to type "Actually, I am an Anti-Tutone person." (Happens when you type fast.)
I am completely immune to the song.

Is it possible to get the model/actress name. I am interested in hiring her for a commercial. Where can I get that info?

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