Strutting skeletons are hot. Wait...what? This is a brand new ad for calcium supplement Citracal.

Product: Citracal Client: Bayer HealthCare Agency: ENERGY BBDO EVP, Group Creative Director/Art Director - Nancy Hannon SVP, Creative Director, Art Director - Elaine Perri SVP, Creative Director, Copywriter - Gwen Rutledge Art Director (Freelance) - Courtney Sweinberg Copywriter (Freelance)- Christine Montaquila EVP, Head of Integrated Production- Rowley Samuel VP, Executive Producer - Jeff Drooger Integrated Producer - Danielle Keenan Music Producer - Dan Kuypers Integrated Business Manager - Aileen Hamilton SVP, Director of Print Production - Mary Day VP, Sr. Art Producer - Liz Miller Gershfeld Art Producer - Christen James Senior Print Producer - Jackie Lapides SVP, Group Acct Director, BCC US - Marilyn Sorita VP, Senior Account Director - Andrea Bonney Account Supervisor - Vanessa Kerkhoff Assistant Account Executive - Camila Hummel SVP Group Planning Director - Catrina McAuliffe Planning Director - Sarah Kruse TELEVISION Production Company - Skunk Pictures Director - Raf Wathion DP- Patrick Otten Line Producer - Fred Vrancken Editorial -The White House Editor - Martin Leroy Executive Producer - Dan Bryant Producer - JoJo Scherer VFX - The Mill Shoot Supervisors - Jay Bandlish, Luke Tickner Design & Concept - Antar Walker, Alex Caldow TK Artist - Luke Morrison 2D Lead Flame Artist - Jay Bandlish 3D Leads - Mike Chapman, Alan Williamson 3D Rigging - Benoit Gielly 3D Animators - Daniel Kmet, Ashley Reemul, Toby Winder, Arthur Larsen, Jonathan Wood, Executive Producer - Jared Yeater Producer (Chicago) - Tracey Khan Producer (London) - Jarrad Vladich Audio Post - Hoffman Sound Audio Engineer - Justin Mayer

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