Clash of Kings, is a mobile real time strategy game. To promote the game in the UK, Wasserman created a stunt involving 125 Knights taking to the streets of London to battle evil Lava Monsters. In other words, they hosted a sort of LAARP-meets-renaissance-faire to promote the mobile game. They filmed this stunt during rush hour in London, with a full scale battle re-enactment to bring the experience of playing Clash of Kings to life.
During the battle, some civilians joined in the fun as well.

After the battle, Clash of Kings hosted a free event on Potter’s Field where the knights celebrated their victory, alongside members of the public. The event culminated in a hog roast, ales and small one-on-one knight demonstrations. If you didn't get a chance to take part, don't despair. For the next three weeks, knights will be roaming around London to surprise and delight or annoy Londoners during their commute, which they'll film of course, and push out on their social channels.

There's not only a practical reason (lots of eyeballs) for hitting up Londoners during their commutes: Simon Couch, business strategy director, experience at Wasserman notes that 65% of all UK Clash of Kings users tend to play on their daily commutes to and from work.

Agency: Wasserman Client; Clash of Kings

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