Club Orange is Ireland's #1 carbonated bevvie, don'tcha know. It's distinctive because it leaves behind some juice fragments, (or pulp?) people affectionately refer to as "the best bits."
Building on the idea that the best bits are what you leave behind, this film follows the story of a guy who's gone off to Australia, only to miss all the best bits of home. And the best bits are what he returns to in the end. The whole is greater than the sum, you see. There's a social campaign involved too, in which Club Orange asked their Irish fans "What are the best bits?"
Hope they had a good moderator on that one, because wow, the answers, I can only imagine.
This is a smart campaign indeed. Nostalgic without being saccharine. It makes me wish that time I was on a European backpacking trip that I managed to make it from Wales to Ireland. But in order to do that I would have had to go from Cardiff up to Holyhead and then take the ferry over to Dun Laoghaire which would have taken an ungodly amount of time. What can I say-- my background is Welsh. It was more important to hang out with the drunks, sons of coal miners and street preachers.
Someday, Ireland. Someday.

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