CNBC – Donny Deutsch – Big Idea Clip Five (2003) 0:15 (US)


CNBC – Donny Deutsch – Big Idea Clip Five (2003) 0:15 (US)

TV Guide Senior Editor, Max Robins calls Donny out.

CNBC – Donny Deutsch

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Shame they gave this guy a show... Tracy Wong or Neil French or Eric Silver would be a lot more entertaining. And they've won far more accolades in the ad business than D. Deutsch. In fact, the only time Deutsch ever displayed any bravery was when he told Pfizer to go fuck off after they wanted to audit the agency salaries. Good for 'im. But if you're gonna give an ad person a TV show, give it to someone capable of delivering some entertainment value... Not just to someone who'll become another blather-filled talking head for an all-news network...

Yaknow what would be amusing? Paul Arden and Neil French doin' a show.

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