"America the beautiful" sung in many languages, all across America. Because #Americaisbeautiful

Languages heard: Spanish, Tagalog, Hindi, Senegalese French, Hebrew, Keres Pueblo, and English. An interesting touch is that there's a distinct American accent in each language.

Coca Cola.


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    Just an update on the order of the languages:
    1. English (O beautiful for spacious skies)
    2. Spanish (Por tus olas de granos de ambar)
    3. Keres - (Yo ti shi na za gooti)
    4. Tagalog (Sa ibabaw ng mga prutas)
    5. English (America, America God shed His grace on thee)
    6. Hindi (और भाईचारे के साथ ताज तेरा अच्छा - Aura bhā'īcārē kē sātha tāja tērā acchā )
    7. French (de la mer a la mer brillant)
    8. Hebrew (ורק טובך יכתיר אותך)


    Feb 27, 2016

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