You give your life for football. Now that the World Cup is upon us, Football will return the favor.

Agency: Ogilvy Brasil
Chief Creative Officer: Anselmo Ramos
ECD: Paco Conde, Roberto Fernandez
AD: Guilherme Ginane, Lincoln Lopes, Ale Koston
CW: Paco Conde, Pedro Lenz, Felipe Machado
Global Head of Production: Veronica Beach
Agency Producer: Liz Graves
Account: Luis Carlos Franco, Ana Paula Perdigão, Gabriela Malta
Production company: Stink Productions (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Executive Producers: Fernanda Curi, Cecilia Salguero
Directors: Jones & Tino
Editorial Company: Cut and Run/New York
Producer: Melati Pohan
Editor: Gary Knight
Assistant Editor: Stacy Peterson
Visual Effects Company: The Mill/NY
Set Supervisor: Pete Smith
Colorist: Fergus McCall
TK Producer: Heath Raymond
VFX Producer: Rachael Trillo
Production Assistant: Mandy Harris
Flame Lead: Leon Wood
Assists: Alex Dreiblatt, Jeff Butler, Rob Meade, Bruno de la Calva
Graphic Design: Daniel Chang
Music Company: Primal Scream Music
Creative Director/Music Producer: Nicole Dionne
Sound Design Company: Machine Head
Sound Designer: Stephen Dewey
Sound Mixing Company: Sonic Union
Sound Mixer: Mike Marinelli
Voice over casting director: Kirsten DeWolfe (Vancouver)
Voice over Talent: Sam Vincent


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