Once upon a time a pint-sized fan gave a coke to Mean Joe Greene who in return, gave the fan a jersey. The spot spoke to the innocent adulation between child and athlete hero.

In this spot, a pint-sized kid gets a shot at glory Rudy-style. But not content with simply winning the game, he runs all the way way to Lambeau field. Because it’s 2014, you see. Hell, I’m surprised he didn’t call his pretend agent and tweet a selfie, too. The best part of this spot is how annoyed the groundskeeper looks.

Good thing Coke watermarked the first ten seconds of the spot, too. Otherwise I might have been taken on a journey to see where I was going. When you think about it, the water mark, and the release-before-game-day tactic means this spot came with two spoiler alerts.

But hey, thanks to Coke’s blackmailing you for 10 thousand shares, they have promised to donate a whopping fifty-thousand dollars to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and as of press time, it looks like they've already passed it. Godo thing. I’m sure that kind of cash will go far.

Client: Coke Agency: Weiden and Kennedy

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