Agency: Mother, London
These strangely cute gremlins sing for Coke, or rather become an instrument in a coke-organ, and the exclusive track has been written and produced by electro superstar Calvin Harris

Production Company: Blink
Director : Dougal Wilson
DoP: Alwin Kuchler
Joe Guest : Editor
Matt Fone : Producer
Post Production - Julie Evans : MPC
Flame Artist - Tom Harding - : MPC
Colourist - Jean Clement - : MPC
Sound Design - Sam Robson - Sound designer : Factory
DoP - Alwin Kuchler : Blink
Production Company : New Zealand
Line Producer - William Grieve : Big Pictures
Production Designer - Rick Kofoed - : Big Pictures
Art Director - Guy Treadgold - : Big Pictures
Model Maker - Justin Buckingham - : Big Pictures
Music - composer & recording artist - Calvin Harris : EMI


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  • claymore's picture

    Is it wrong that I'm reminded more of the Critters from the bad 80s horror franchise?

    May 11, 2009
  • mpared's picture

    Claymore it reminded me the Critters as well, great mind think alike heheheh :-)

    May 12, 2009
  • Allan1's picture

    I was reminded of Critters, Gremlins, Muppets, Fraggle Rock, as well as that old Monty Python routine, where the guy uses hammers on live mice (? could be puppies or kittens - it's been so long I've seen it) to produce music. .

    (Note that 3 of the 4 things I initially mentioned, were produced by Jim Henson studios).

    (If also reminds me of the Spong Monkeys by Rathergood for Quiznos. (One of the first ads I posted about).

    May 13, 2009

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