An Animated Web Film to promote Codatronca, a fast super car made in Italy.

Director Kobayashi has been contacted by Paolo Spada, one of the owner of SVS (Spada Vetture Sport), around 6 months ago to develop an online campaign for their brand new product: Codatronca, a super car with amazing performances (0-100 Km/h in 3.4 sec.) and a unique design.

Kobayashi immediately associated this car to his most loved comics and manga's vehicles, like Kaneda's bike in Akira or the Batmobile. The only difference... Codatronca is real!

SVS asked the director to take as much time as needed to craft the best possible experience and gave him complete creative freedom and a high budget for the entire production.
Kobayashi wanted to maintain total control over the production process, so, thanks to his 360° skills, he took care of every single aspect of modeling, animation, rendering, compositing, editing and sound design by himself alone.

He decided to create a Digital Anime settled in Tokyo, all centered around the car's incredible driving qualities. To emphasize the beautiness of its design he rendered the environment and the vehicle with two different styles.
The result is a clash between photorealistic 3D and painted 2D images.

Kobayashi also worked on a cinematographic soundtrack, made by the engine's sounds mixed with an highly addictive music theme.

Director / DOP / Editor: Kobayashi Creative Director: Kobayashi Advertising Agency / Production Company: Kobayashi Executive Producer: Kobayashi 3D / 2D modeling, animation and rendering: Kobayashi Sound design and soundtrack: Kobayashi Matte Painter: Kobayashi

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