Thirty seconds of someone arguing the pronunciation of "cool." Is it "cool?" or is it "kew?" Okay....

Speaking of names, it seems like only last year WONGDOODY changes its name to Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener. Judging by the way redirects to, I guess they're back to they way they were.

When ad agencies change their names, either through a buyout or for a random reason, it's like they have completely forgotten advertising 101 rule #1: brand linkage. It's why when GSD&M all of a sudden was called GSD&M Idea City people were confused. Then they dropped Idea City and went back to GSD&M. The longer the name gets, the worse it is, too.

Client: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Agency: WONGDOODY ECD: Pam Fujimoto Directors: The Real McCoys

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