I always enjoy a good animation, and Paranoid's Edouard Salier has done a great job here. The similarities to Coke world cup "Celebration" with the same song and the same celebratory movements by players is a little annoying. Wish I had seen this take on it first, instead.

Each player in each sport has their own form of revelry to celebrate points scored. For some it’s a hand motion, for some it’s a somersault, and for others it’s a well-crafted humorous dance. In honor of the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup and to promote Coca Cola’s sponsorship, Paranoid US Director Edouard Salier, created an animated medley of celebrations entitled “Quest”. With Coke’s long history of successful animated spots and Edouard’s visual storytelling ability, the collaboration was a perfect fit.
Initially set on a field of dust in Africa, far from the shiny professional stadiums, “Quest” follows a young football enthusiast looking for celebration. He sets off on a magical journey, in search of the sport’s most festive experiences. Along the way, he encounters various football teams, each with their own personal style of merriment. He then realizes the celebration is within himself and he can bring it to any environment.
Armed with a script from the agency, SANTO, Edouard was tasked with producing a visual accompaniment that brought the celebration of football to life. With his poetic visual concept in place, Edouard worked with a design team in Paris to generate an animated storyboard. The character and background details were highly important to make the spot magical, yet believable. Edouard relied heavily on the experienced crew of artists from Digital District, who specialize in animation and visual effects. With only photography as reference, it was up to the skilled animators, to make the main character have human facial features, reactions and movements.
The end result is a spot that the most-die hard football fans will enjoy, as it is filled with the symbols of various goal celebrations--from robotic dancing to a mock crew team. However, it is just as entertaining for anyone looking for the usual joyful spirit and awe-inducing visuals synonymous with the Coca-Cola brand. The spot, an eight month long production, begins airing globally and will continue to run through the end of the FIFA World Cup tournament.

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