Coke's got a new value pack out in The Netherlands. It's special enough to even make a hardcore teen start playing Chris De Burgh. Much to the chagrin of his sister.

Brand: Coca-Cola Client: Jeroen Lampe, Senior Brand Activation Manager Agency: WE ARE Pi Creative Director: Barney Hobson Creative Director: Rick Chant Design Director: Nessim Higson Creative: Kaz Salemink Managing Director: Alex Bennett Grant Managing Partner: Patrick Garvey Account Manager: Sam Speed Strategy Director: Jessica Perri Exec Producer: Kimia Farshidzad Project Manager: Ambar Surastri Business Affairs: Barrie Williams Production Company: Hazazah Director: Billy Pols DOP: Wouter Westendorp Production Company: Hazazah Line Producer: Cynthia Fidder Production Manager: Tjalf Melle Editor: Kim Hinrichs Grade/Online: Glassworks Amsterdam Music/Sound: Amp Amsterdam Music: Kilomash - “I’ll be on that new $@#%” &Chris de Burgh - “Lady in Red”

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