What do pétanque (bocci ball), fishing and knitting have in common? Zero. This reminds me of the way they described Seinfled when it first came out: it's a show about nothing.

This is a show about zero. Or a series of stunts for Coke Zero to be specific. They asked five people going about their business if they could be filmed. Then they kept adding people. Until six people became 600 people, hilarity ensued and... wait. I'm not sure all that noise did wonders for the guys' fishing, The knitters were fine. Knitters can knit through a tornado.

Anyway. The moral is: If you want to be mobbed by cheerleading strangers, just add Zero.

Client: Coke Zero Agency: Duval Guillaume

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    Knittingfan (not verified)

    This is spectacular. I love the home-knitted boobies so that she could flash them!

    Apr 07, 2015